Aurora’s makerspace, located at our Manassas, VA building complex, is where team members can go to work on prototype projects, as well as to pursue personal projects in their free time. Stocked with machinery like a laser cutter, mill, and lathe, in addition to a plethora of other equipment, this space offers a unique opportunity to access tools that few people have at home. 

Since its opening in 2019, team members have used the space to create all kinds of personal projects, including skis, skateboards, and decorative wood laser cuttings. It’s a place to exercise creativity and develop new skills. 

“The makerspace is a great resource and benefit for people who choose to use it,” said Elliot Greenwald, Mechanical Engineer at Aurora Flight Sciences. “I’ve built personal projects that would have been impossible without access to this high level of equipment, and I’ve learned a lot through the process. Now, I’m training others on safe and effective use of the space.”  

The makerspace is available 24/7. Aurora provides training required to access the area and use the specialty equipment.